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Cost of Website Maintenance for small Business 2019

When You got a question on your mind how much should Cost of Website Maintenance? then you surf around the internet looking for a suitable company to start up a website for your business. You will notice that for you to create a great website, you will between 500USD and 5000USD. In addition to this, you will be spending even more to maintain your website. There is still a long way to go. There will always need to maintain your website in one way or the other.

Cost of Website Maintenance is Similar to Maintaining Your House

When you buy a house of your own, you already know it is very important to maintain the exterior and the interior look of the house and in this case, it is important to set a budget. This maintenance can be of a different form such as taxes, utilities, and some other unforeseen repairs. At times, the cost of maintenance can be greater than the cost of a mortgage payment. Similarly, a website works just like this. It is very important to budget for the following in other not to be shocked when the need for it comes and this includes web hosting, name registration, plug-ins, content changes, themes, and periodic updates.

To Maintain a Website, How Much Should Website Maintenance Cost?

However, it is important to do frequent maintenance rather than waiting for when the needs for it come. However, if you have the knowledge of the tech required, you can possibly manage your website on your own. However, if you will like to make optimum use of your time, you might prefer to have someone else handle it for you.

There are five major typical recurring expense categories when you own a website. We have estimated the annual cost range for each of the categories

The Certificates and Registration

10 – 100 USD per annum

The registration of your domain name per annum is around 10USD. It is very necessary to have an SSL security certificate for your website. Sometimes it can be optional but SSL helps to provide security and most preferable among search engines such as Google which enhances the ranking of your website
when searched.

The Security and Hosting

150 – 500 USD per annum

Web hosting is very important for people to be able to load and connect to your website. There are various price points for web hosting. The lower the amount you pay is the more you will need to do it on your own. For instance, if you pay budget 5USD for 4 weeks hosting, it is most likely you will want to
invest in a security plugin for future security measures and you will likely be responsible for software updates. If you are interested in advanced hosting, you will need to pay up to 30USD for 4 weeks. This is most likely to include software updates and enhanced security.

The Marketing Analytics and Strategy

500USD + per annum

When it comes to website strategy, you will notice that there are always one or more things to improve. It’s rather good to consult with a marketing expert to find gaps and make improvements that will allow you to acquire more customers. Data can be collected about your customers to help you make informed decisions by using analytic software. When you have a marketing expert this can help you to change lots of difficult things you will be encounter because utilization of analytics has an uneasy learning curve.

The Themes and Software Plugins

250 – 1000USD per annum

WordPress software plugins are used by many companies and web freelancers for advanced development functionality and themes to design your website. This is majorly done by third-parties which require annual subscription fees. However, the first year of payment for these themes and plugins are included when you pay a company a “one – time” fee to build your website. This depends on the type of theme used and the number of plugins. After the first year has passed you will receive a renewal bill from the third-parties companies which may cost more than you expect.

The Design Updates and Content

200 – 1000USD per annum

cost of website maintenance
cost of website maintenance

During your time of owning a website, there is a time when you will need to update your information. Did you notice any changes in your business? However, if you are a business tech-savvy, you will able to update some necessary things on your own. You will sometimes need the help of an expert when the design changes. Majority of companies will charge a high hourly rate for any changes/updates made on your site.

Although you may think content or design changes won’t be necessary, it is advisable to make frequent updates on your website. Search engines and visitors always want to see something different on your site. So, for this reason, you will want to update your site frequently.


The Key to Website Happiness is Knowledge

Making informed decisions will set you up for long-term success when you are purchasing your website services. You should try to monitor your expenses after your website has been launch. Although some recurring expenses are optional, while some are compulsory. You should not be shy to ask for help or
questions when needed. Your questions can be about long terms of a cost which is associated with a website prior to a hiring company or some other information. As long as you don’t expect it to be really one time then “one – time” pricing isn’t a bad idea.

After observing for many years, we noticed that most small-scale businesses are better served with a flat monthly rate. Monthly pricing enables us to bundle all recurring costs into one affordable, predictable monthly payment. We help to manage and build necessary things for you which will allow you to put your mind at rest. There is no unexpected fee, startup costs, and no unforeseeable bills which will make you worry.

When you have the foreknowledge of the additional expenses involved in owning a website, this will help you to be a step ahead during the sales process whether you choose a website design company with monthly pricing or “one – time” pricing.

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