Your Website Price – Monthly vs. One-Time

Your Website Price – Monthly vs. One-Time


Different kinds of websites can be found on the web, and so is the pricing of all these sites. The most common website structures for services that these websites employ are the monthly subscription fee and the one-time project rate. Your choice on your payment choice all boils down to your business needs, financial situation, and marketing strategy. You will also want to know about the time, monetary, and resource costs for both pricing options. While there is one best method, having a knowledge of how the two pricing systems works might help guide you in making a better decision on which option to go for.

When is the One-Time Website Price okay for small businesses?

The one-time rates for sites range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Usually, freelancers or companies invoice up to 3 or 4 times during a project, which depends on the initial agreement. The one-time price option can work just perfectly well for your business if you have the needed staff to manage the website, and you prefer paying a lump sum, and you also have the necessary resources to handle issues as well as extra fees

Internal Website Managers

Your website is your online marketplace for your business and it works best when it is being constantly updated, managed, and kept fresh. When you agree to a one-time price, website management is usually not included in this price. It is usually a very good idea when you have staffs or resources that are good at technology, copywriting, and marketing at large. This will give you the benefit of getting the most out of your website after it has been launched.

Large investments Yield Better Cash Flow

When a project rate is set, it is usually made up of either one or bits of a larger sum of money to be paid. If getting a larger one-time investment helps your business and will increase your business cash flow, then this could be the ideal option for you. It is also perfect for businesses that receive large influxes of cash during a certain period of time of the year.

Precise Customization

It is common to see agencies or freelancers give you custom quotes for one-time project rates. Here, you will get a customized price for just what you need on your websites, and not being assigned a package. This makes it perfect for the special development of features, design customizations, or any other extra thing that you may need for your website to work better.

Ability to Handle Excess Fees

There are usually extra costs that come with the ownership of a website aside from the development and design stage. You will need to get a domain name, hosting, as well as an SSL Certificate for more security at the very least. All these are usually required yearly renewal fees. The possibility that you will also need to fix bugs, update software and contents further increases these additional fees. These are billed at an hourly rate. If cash flow will not be an issue with the business, then all these costs will be manageable when they come up.

When does Monthly Subscription Pricing Best for Your Website?

The monthly cost of a website is not constant but varies depending on the features that will be in the package. Usually, subscription services include a custom or template web design, maintenance, differing levels or hosting as well as content updates. There are also options that include search engine optimization, social medial marketing as well as pay-per-click advertising.

Fitting your Monthly Marketing Budget

The majority of the small businesses that engage in marketing to improve their business will usually need a monthly marketing budget. Your website and all you need to make it work should be included in this budget. It makes it easier for you to pay for the website, and it will also not induce a strain on your cash flow. You will always be aware of your bills for the month just like any other regular monthly bill.

Everything is Managed by Experts

Opting for the monthly option gives you the opportunity to have a consistent team of experts working for you. The company that handles your website can be seen as your marketing and technology department. Small business owners already have a lot on their plates. Leaving your website in the hands of experts can give you the time and energy to work on other parts of your business.

The incentive for Better Relationship

When you regularly give a company a certain amount monthly, they have the incentive to form a solid relationship with you and thereby help your business to grow. They will go the extra mile just to keep you happy because if you are not happy, then there is nothing to stop you from considering their competitors.

No Surprise Fees

The monthly pricing option usually gives you the option of packaging all your needs together. For a month’s price, you will have all your website needs to be handled for you. You will not be faced with any surprise fees if something breaks down, or there is an update that you will need to make. This can sometimes even be seen as an insurance policy. You won’t be involved in any fixing or changes monthly, and certainly won’t be faced with any sudden costs to your website.

Still, Confused about What Pricing Structure will Work for your Business?

It’s okay if you are still confused about the particular plan to go for. There is not just one website price plan for everybody. You need to question yourself if you need someone to build your website for you while you take it up from there? Or will you prefer to leave everything in their hands so that they can manage it for you now and in the future? Starting with this question can be a good starting point in deciding the perfect pricing plan for your website.

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