Where to start when you need a website for your small scale business


Creating a website, what is it about?

It has been a very long time since a website for business was actually about the image or was something secondary. However, in modern realities, a website is very necessary, as well as an obligatory point of communication to the customer. It is actually an important way of developing a strategy, and it shouldn’t be taken with levity hand.

However, if you are someone who needs a website but in one way or the other you still doubt its effectiveness, here is some arguments for you.


The Business Development and New Customers:

A website of high-quality becomes a stable source of new customers in 95% of cases we have seen.


The Communication:

Communication and question forms, forums, questions as well as answer pages, integration with the social networks, online consultants – the above-named features are used as a source of communication with potential customers.


The Flexibility in experimenting:

The website enables you to be fast when carrying out the experiments with analytics capabilities that are not available offline: promotions, banners, e-mail distribution, contextual advertising i.e. seeing the results, you will be allowed to make changes on the site, as well as to increase its efficiency.


Information support and service:

There is a rapid change of information on the site and this is possible anywhere and any time in the world. However, with the help of a website, it will enable you to automate and qualitatively improve the process of ordering the products, logistics, etc. Although well-thought-out automation will enable you to save a huge amount of money and optimize the processes of interaction in the company.


The Building community and brand:

Although building a full-fledged community around your web project by using a website will help you strengthen your position and also help you stand out among your competitors. However, recommendations with links from other websites will allow you to constantly receive free referral traffic as a form of potential visitors.

In that case, have you decided whether you need a website? Honestly speaking you can build your website within a day. You can build it at a low price without coding and web design skills.


Listed below are your action plans:

  1. By choosing a platform
  2. How to choose a domain name and a hosting
  3. How to find your design
  4. By getting your website Ready
  5. Do you need a website? You can choose the more effective and the easiest way

However, it only takes 3 important main steps to build a website which are: By choosing a platform, getting a hosting which is usually along with a domain name, and choosing the appropriate design. After that is to install it all and you can start your activities. As said earlier it only takes a day.

Let’s get started by taking each step one at a time.


  1. By choosing a platform

You are expected to set your priority before you started asking yourself how to get a website for your business? Are you interested in selling stuff by using your website or you want to use your website to share information? However, the platforms for these two purposes are not the same i.e. they differ.

However, if you are looking for a site where you can share your thoughts, videos, photos, etc, you are going to need an application called Content Management System with an acronym CMS.

After you have it installed, you will have to get an admin panel that will help you to maintain your website. All you need is to add a usual text with pictures there and publish it. This will enable everybody to see your work on the internet.

The major top 3 content management systems are Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal (all free). To cut the long story short, WordPress is the best and the easiest way to master for beginners. However, to make things clear, you are free to check our guide with a full content management system (CMS) comparison chart. Also, you are a newbie to the web you can check the “Firstsiteguide” tutorial for help.


  1. How to choose a domain name and a hosting

You should be aware that each website is just a certain amount of files with code and media. However, you need to store them in a secure place – which is on a good hosting provider.

You need to take note that your website’s security, functionality, speed all depends directly on the kind of hosting you choose. It is advisable to make use of the best in the industry such as Godaddy or Hostgator, Bluehost. You can also visit our guide on “how to choose the right and appropriate hosting” for more options.

One thing about a domain name is that you can purchase it along with a hosting plan or you can buy it somewhere else. The prices vary from 1USD to tens of millions. However, the important thing is to find the domain with the keyword visitors will use to find your website on the internet. You have to take your time this will enable you to come up with a good one. There is also a comprehensive guide on choosing an effective name.


  1. How to find your design

Your web design should be amazing and it should be able to dazzle your reader from first sight and also show them the picture they won’t be able to forget. In this case, you have to razzle-dazzle them. However, if you are not interested in learning web design for years (we are still on a day website design). However, there are three options to make it possible.

They are as follows

The 1st Option is by using a standard or free template

The default theme won’t look very impressive. It will need a professional touch to turn seeds into fruits. However, there are plenty of free templates available but they might not be updated. Also, these providers do not have the support of tech, so in the case of an emergency, you are on your own. However in the beginning that might not the best way to get started.

The 2nd Option is by using a professional template

In the world of web design, it is very competitive which makes the prices of their products to be affordable. The words “premium template” sound expensive, but however, you can get a premium template for 50USD and also for 70USD. However, if you are fortunate enough you can find the one that has lifelong tech support included. If I am to choose I prefer the template with support, the reason is that every company has its own ways and techniques of creating templates and I will definitely love to have someone at my service. For instance, let’s take a look at the comprehensive collection of themes which is from TemplateMonster they are provided with different options.


The 3rd Option is to find a website designer

To hire a website designer is expensive and can cost you a huge amount of money and it is likely you get the same premium theme which is just customized a little bit. We advise you to use a trusted network of freelance designers and make sure you go through their recent projects carefully and also read their reviews carefully.


  1. Getting your Website Ready

Your site files are hosted on the servers of your hosting provider. When you install the platform you have chosen on that server is the last step of getting your website ready. Available are two options:

  • You are free to choose a quick installation i.e. a free hosting service from different hosting providers. This is similar to every “install – install – done” installation process
  • You can also install the CMS manually if you are looking forward to changing some default features in the course. But you have to upload engine files to your server, after that you have to assign the user to the database, you just have to open your site URL and follow 2 to 4 installation steps (i.e. adding your site name and filling in some necessary details).

However, we have detailed instructions on different ways of installing WordPress as well as the process/stepping of installing Joomla.


  1. Do you need a website? You can choose the more effective and the easiest way

In the 21st century creating a website is expected to be easier, faster, and effective as well as to offer several opportunities.

However the listed features are offered by modern site-builders, we have many of them these days. But the market leaders are Weebly.com, Ukit.com, Wix.com. They offer hundreds of templates for free as well as options for customized settings. Fortunately, you are free to choose any template available in the database and the support service but most often is an automated bot system and the available templates have poor functionality. You will later end up with a website that is not unique neither effective.

However, there is an effective solution for the first time which is only for those that are ready to face it and are ready to make the sacrifice of dealing with a huge amount of settings as well as spending money on the buying of dozens of the necessary applications on Weblium.com.




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