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I Need A Website For My Small Business – Where To Start!

The reason why small scale businesses will be glad to hire a website designer to design their website

When you are a talented business owner, you have a good way to strategize business, you have a mind-blowing product in your care and also you know that the Internet is today’s one of the best resources for potential customers. Whereby the only thing that serves as a wall between you and the 700,000,000 people in the world who have access to the Internet is a website designer. The wisest thing to do to get to your potential customer is to hire a website designer to design a website for your company.

When you have decided on getting a website designer the next thing to do is go to the Internet search for “Website Design Company” you will be shocked to see different website design companies at your service. The major purpose of this write-up is to help you with what we think might be best for you and how your small-scale business can get the attention of potential customers with the help of a website. This will help you to know the best website design company that will help your small-scale business as time goes on.

The Major Different between Hiring a Website designer for a small-scale Business Company and a big website design company

When you hire a big web design company to design a website for a small-scale business you will not be chanced to chat directly with the owner of the firm. You will either be able to contact his/her employees or receptionist whose job day is limited. However, if the designer enjoys what he is doing, chances are, their only personal investment in what you have hired them to do is to enable that them pick up their paycheck at month-end. A small-scale business website designer is very active in their work rather than waiting for their employees to give them feedback on how their firm is progressing, there are always on the lookout.

What is the reason why my website design is so important?

There is a general misconception among individuals who are newbies to the Internet that you will actually put up the site. Check this out: when supermarket owner builds their store, they stock their products after that they never try to replenish the inventory again. Engaging in an online business is an on-going process. For instance, if your small-scale business will be engaging in an e-Commerce site, you will have to engage yourself in the following: Adding new products, removal of old products, advertising, and as well as promoting specials products. It is advisable for your website to give the necessary information, and also it important to be in a state of on-going development for the purpose of search engines (i.e. gaining of good ranking). It is important for your website to be updated with new articles, new interesting features as well as new lists of resources this will allow you to gain the attention of visitors. There is a need for a website designer who is always available because your site will always be under construction for updates to the general public.

Why not engage in one of those build-it-yourself website packages?

Build-it-yourself websites are advisable when your goal is to have fun with a program that will enable you to easily create a web page without any programming skills. However, if your intention is to create a personal website may be about your life, your hobby, your family and you don’t find it to be important if anyone finds it on your website, then you are good to go.

However, most of the build-it-yourself website templates available are built with absolutely no regard to search engine optimization (SEO) standards, as a result, they will not be rank well on Google, MSN, or Yahoo they are the big 3 search engines. Although without rankings you will not have the traffic you need and also it won’t be profitable. However, when a site owner realizes this that is when they will be desperate to get a website designer to help them re-write the code of the template which has been poorly designed.

In order to run your business in a smart way you need to hire a professional web designer who has perfect experience over years for running codes, their design skills are the best as well as their abilities on the search engine. You are starting this because your company and your business are very important and that is also your specialization where you generate your source of income.

Note, it is not necessary for you to become a web designer before you can start selling your products or services.

All web design companies are not rendering the same service.

It is important for you to shop around to find a website design company that renders the best services which you will be using for your business. Listed below are the unwanted qualities you may find in some website design companies:

  • Their charges are too expensive
  • It must not be too little
  • Their written communication is not easily understandable
  • They hardly communicate verbally
  • They didn’t keep a record of their past projects
  • They are hardly available when you need them
  • They address you rudely making you look like a fool
  • They won’t be able to boost their achievement to you such as their clients being rank at the top of the search engine
  • They make you look stupid about your lack of technical know-how
  • They do not sign contracts with their clients
  • They want to enable Flash animations on your site. *see below

The reason why Flash animation is included is that we want to educate business owners about the danger of using flash animation on your website. However, most people which exclude flash designers find animations extremely stupid when they are trying to buy something. They do not display correctly on many people’s computers, they are also slow when loading and they also tend to distract customers from buying what they want. You shouldn’t have flash animation on your site unless you are selling Flash graphics. Although Flash graphics read as blanks to the folks at Google, MSN, and Yahoo, wasting your important webspace which should be used for displaying your products and your text content.

After checking the unwanted qualities of a bad website design company, let now look into the desirable qualities of a good website design company for your small-scale business’s website.

  • They are friendly and are very attentive to hear about your company.
  • They are always ready to help.
  • They have a fair-sized portfolio of their live websites to display.
  • Their written, as well as verbal skills, are above average.
  • They have clients topping Google’s.
  • They allow you to contact their client for references.

We hope this guide helps you to get a competent website design company for your business.




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