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Where to Find Good Freelance Website Designers and Developers

Naturally, there are two ways to get things done it’s either the hard way or the easy way. Getting the appropriate freelance web designers and developers is no exception.

Getting and hiring someone that will help you with your website design can be a bit stressful. Particularly if it happens to be your first time building a website.

  • It usually consumes time;
  • You may end up hiring a freelancer that did not meet what you are expecting when you invest your money as well as time into the projects.

To say the truth the time use to set up to write out the project, to post the job as well as to interview the applicants and hiring the freelance, you would have finished the project yourself.

But searching for freelance website designers or web developers can add more value to your websites. They will be available to help with it whereas you can devote your time to something with high-valued tasks such as marketing or product creation which will enable your business to grow.

We are able to figure out a formula or a system that can save your time and unnecessary worries. They are as follow:

  1. You have to be careful when preparing and outlining your project
  2. You can also make use of trusted job portals that enable finding, managing as well as paying our freelancers.


There are various challenges face when Hiring, Managing as well as trying to Pay Freelancers


One of the challenges we often face is how to hire, manage as well as how to pay freelancers. However, you can find different sorts of skilled designers and also developers worldwide, from developed countries as well as developing countries. The developed country includes the US, Australia, etc. just to mention a few while Developing countries include Romania, India, Philippines, etc.

The following are what you should look for when finding a job portal:

  1. Selecting well-qualified freelancers around the world
  2. Possessing skill-testing tools will help you to get a good sense of whether a freelancer is qualified
  3. Having an honest rating system will help to quickly eliminate poor rating
  4. Possessing a customer service reps which you can turn to in time of dispute with your freelancer
  5. It is wise to have payment management tools this will help you to protect yourself with secured payments and only release payments when you are okay with the completed work.
  6. A built-in staff management tool that allows you to keep in check the hours your freelancer use while working on your project as well as to create milestones for larger projects. However, not all job portals have this feature.

Using a job portal that actually helps to reduce the frustrations of managing a freelancer, really helps to make the process to be less stressful as well as saving up your time which will enable you to focus on something else.


Paid Job Portals vs Pros and Cons of Free


Mentioned above are paid or free job search portals. Every individual loves using free tools (as long as they are good to use). Why did you have to pay when you can use something good for free?

However, when it is about a portal as well as project management in general, there is a solid case for using paid job portals.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of paid and free job portals…



For paid job portals, it is advisable you search or post jobs on the job boards.

Once you hire a freelancer the job portal will take a commission fee.

The commission fee ranges from 5% to 15% of the total project cost as well as it can be paid either by the freelancer or the employer which is you. However, if the freelancer pays the fees, then he/she will often factor it into their own fixed or hourly price fee (i.e. you will end up paying for it).

The actually costs an extra fee, it will enable you to have access to the systems as well as the tools which you won’t be able to find in free job portals.

These systems and tools are as follow:

  • It allows you to review each candidate’s historical ratings from their previous employers.
  • You have access to a global pool of freelancers (they are not limited to your local area).
  • The dispute management.
  • You pre-screened candidates this enables you to test them as well as verification of their skills.

The fees that you will pay the job portal will start to be meaningful when you have access to the project management tools.

However, you are not obligated to pay any fees as long as you don’t end up hiring a freelancer.



When you are looking for people to hire, Craigslist is the obvious place you can find them. However, if your country doesn’t have Craigslist, it will actually have some other online classified forum similar to Craigslist where you will be able to find people that can offer local services, selling of second-hand goods, and so on.

However, these free classified forums enable you to find people in your local area if you are not okay with hiring someone from a foreign country or city.

The following are a few disadvantages when using free classified forums to find freelancers:

  • Lack of built-in project management tools which will enable you to organize as well as to maintain the huge amount of emails, documents, as well as images it will allow you to send back and forth with your freelancer. However, remember that when finding the right person to help you with your project is just the tip of the iceberg. When you start your project, you will definitely need a perfect project management tool to help you to organize all the discussions as well as transfers of the file.
  • Absent of secure payment platform that enables you to hold the funds in escrow and you only have to release them when the project or specific milestone is complete.
  • However, anyone could apply and you have no idea if that person is even qualified. When you are looking for experienced web designers. You will actually need time when screening for unqualified applicants.

When you have extensive experience in project management or working with people online who are not close to you, then you might end up not needing these extra tools to make things easier.

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